6 Best Tools for Content Marketers in 2022

Content will always remain the king as long as digital marketing is present. Brands and enterprises are working day in and day out to improve their content strategy. The purpose of content is to inform the audience, generate leads, grow traffic on the website, and convert new and existing customers with Tools for Content Marketers.

Whether you are starting as a digital marketer or have some experience, you need to have the right tools at your disposal. These tools help in many ways such as tracking what’sconverting, which content pieces are driving more traffic, and how many users convert.

But before everything else, one most important thing you need towork smoothly is a stable and reliable internet connection. Without it, you won’t be able to use these tools, do research, or publish content on your website. When choosing an internet plan, Spectrum provides the most affordable and trustworthy packages along with other benefits. It has been on top for many years due to reliable and timely customer support. Not only does it provide support to native English speakers, but also provides assistance in Spanish. For any queries and problems, you can approach directly one of the customer representatives by visiting spectrum españolpagos.

All your basic requirements are fulfilled to carry on your journey. Let’s now begin with the best tools for content marketers in 2022. Stay tuned and don’t skip any of it.


Content marketers need something that can be trusted blindly. GrowthBar is one of the tools that allows you to generate content loved by Google. If you are tired of writing content on a similar niche or have lots of other things to manage then this tool will help you generate content without spending hours.

The tool helps content marketers to generate blog outlines with one simple click. Moreover, it can also reveal some of the golden keywords that are not being touched. Spy on your competitors with GrowthBar and let your website rank on the top page of Google.


HubSpotis considered a CRM company offering marketing automation. But if you dive deep into it, you will find that this tool offers many free things to help youease the work. Some of the free tools include email marketing, CRM, forms and pop-ups, and live chat.

Another greatest advantage of the HubSpot marketing tool is that it also offers WordPress plugin so that you can install it and view it from your WordPress dashboard.

Google Analytics

Content marketing’s success depends on many factors and Google Analytics is the right tool to track it without any struggle. The free tool allows you to analyze your website’s overall performance, traffic trends, and engagement rates.

Google Analytics can be installed directly on your WordPress site by downloading the plugin. It also includes audience reports, user flow reports visualization, predictive analysis, advertising reports, funnel analysis, and much more. In fact, Google Analytics provides you with much more than you could expect from a free tool.



When it comes to content marketing, the core of any website’s success or failure is doing proper keyword research. By optimizing these keywords, you can rank better on all major search engines, especially Google and Bing.

Ahrefs is one tool for digital marketers that helps SEO analysts and content marketers spy on competitors, keep eye on ranked keywords, and analyze backlinks. Moreover, Ahrefs keyword research allows you to filter keywords according to their traffic and difficulty.


Content marketing tools are available in abundance and most of them go unnoticed. Clearscope is one of the tools for content marketers to generate content that drives results. In other words, Clearscope allows you to produce content that is intendedforthe potential audience and what people are searching for.

Clearscopecan also be integrated into your WordPress website as well as Google Docs. No matter, what niche you are writing on, the tool allows you to make writing easier. If you are a startup or just beginning your blogging career, make sure to use Clearscope for better content optimization and quicker results.


Content without visuals looks dull. That is why Canva is the top tool for content marketers to create visuals for blogs, slides, Facebook pages, and much more. Choosing a featured image for your blog is not easy when none of the images coincide with your blog topic.

Canva is a tool used mostly by big and small agencies to create customized graphics. Whether it be designing a blog image, infographics, advertisement, or any other banner, you can choose from thousands of free templates and images to get started. All you need to do is change some text and images in the template and download it to use on any medium.

Summing Up

Content marketing tools are helpful in many ways, but depends on you how you utilize them. With competition on the rise and driving traffic to your content isn’t as easy as it seems to be. Make sure to go for the aforementioned tools to make your content marketing a breeze.