Best Money Management Apps that will help to Grow Your Net Worth

The foundation of a comfortable and peaceful life is laid on the pillars of financial stability. No matter how much you earn or how much your average expenditure is, it is always of primal importance to keep a track of your budget and expenses. While it is always easier to employ the services of a financial advisor for the rich and the more well-off people, the middle class often struggles with taking stock of their financial planning. In come the money management apps. The internet is flooded with apps that help you track and manage your expenses and curate a budget to keep them in check. Let’s take a look at a few such financial wealth management apps on the market.


  1. Mint Personal Finances App

An initiative of Mint, this app allows you to track your monthly expenditures, bill payments, and credit scores.  Monitoring your credit score is useful if you’re considering buying a house as you will more than likely need to apply for a mortgage. The better credit score you have, the more likely banks will be to loan you money for a down payment on a property. You can find more information on property investment in free online guides like the one from RWinvest. Whether you’re saving for a deposit or budgeting for something else, You can create your personalized monthly budget on this app and the alerts feature help you follow it through with regular alerts on any spending that happens from your bank account. You will receive a high-priority alert when the set high limit on your expenditure is crossed.

You can add multiple bank accounts and use this app to check balances, track expenditures, and manage your bill and loan repayments. This app is available free of cost on Android and iPhone.

  1. ET Money Personal Finance App

This app from Economic Times helps you manage your finances and helps you choose the best investment options from a pool of them. You can track all your earnings and expenditures, loans, bills, and investments on this app and gather useful insights based on your spending or earning pattern. You can also research modern investment options like bonds and mutual funds and pick one that aligns with your financial goals the best.

This app can be downloaded from the Google Play store for Android and is compatible with all mobile devices.

  1. PayTM and PayTM Money

 PayTM might have begun as a UPI payment interface but it has gradually expanded to other avenues and has emerged as a stalwart in the Indian market for money management apps. PayTM allows its users to link their bank accounts for UPI payments or direct bank transfers. The transaction history section allows users to track all their transactions and receipts. The PayTM payments bank linked to the app allows you to open a saving account, invest in fixed deposits, recurring deposits, and mutual funds. You can get a Paytm bank card issued from this bank as well. It comes with several benefits including credit scores that you get rewards for collecting. Paytm money is solely dedicated to financial wealth management and helps you make judicious investments in stocks and bonds.

Paytm is available at Google Playstore for all Android users.

  1. Money Manager Expense and Budget

This is the best spending tracker app available to Android users in today’s scenario. It helps you constantly track your expenses and bills and helps you chalk out a financial plan to cut spending and enhance savings. You can tailor-make a budget based on your requirements and even split the bills easily with your friends using this one.

On today’s date when everything is on your phone, there’s no reason why your finance shouldn’t be. With just a bit of awareness, you can easily turn-around your financial health and be the money-wizard you always wanted to be.