Dev Gadhvi Fraud Rumours Exposed: Unmasking the Facts

In recent times, the internet has been a buzz with rumours regarding Dev Gadhvi’s legitimacy as a coach, with claims of him being a scam and earning money without genuine experience. However, it’s essential to approach such allegations with a balanced perspective. Dev Gadhvi is a best-selling author, successful entrepreneur, and a reputed business coach in India, known for inspiring and motivating passionpreneurs and business owners. In this article, we delve deep into the Dev Gadhvi fraud scandal to ascertain the facts and shed light on the real story behind the controversy.

Who is Dev Gadhvi?

Dev Gadhvi is a well-known personality in the field of motivational speaking. He is a renowned speaker, author, and coach who has helped many people to transform their lives. Dev Gadhvi is known for his unique style of speaking which is highly motivational and inspiring. He has conducted several workshops and seminars across the world and has inspired thousands of people to achieve their goals and realise their full potential. His messages are simple yet powerful and have helped many people to overcome their fears and achieve success. So, if you are looking for some inspiration and motivation, then check out Dev Gadhvi’s books – 80% mindset, 20% skills and 6 sundays a week life.


The Truth Behind Dev Gadhvi Fraud Allegations

 The Dev Gadhvi Fraud Allegations on Social Media

  • Dev Gadhvi attracts people to his webinar using ads and attractive background [Well, so does any ad]
  • He has zero experience in what he speaks  [ zero experience which helped him become a millionaire].
  • He makes money only through his funnel by selling his courses [Yes, That’s his business]
  • He only provides content that is already available in other books and on the internet. [True!, but the purpose of any course is mentorship, guidance and community and follow through with a blueprint that gives definite results]

Now, let’s look at some facts.

The True Facts About Dev Gadhvi

  • He is a successful entrepreneur and business coach who has helped many people build their businesses.
  • In his Rs.99 Webinar, he shares a 7-step framework to help find your passion and build a profitable business
  • He shares valuable tips and techniques on entrepreneurial mindset on his podcast show – Passionpreneur that also features several international experts like Dan Lok and Ron Malhotra.
  • His business coaching and mentoring program can be a valuable resource for anyone looking to start or grow their business from passion.
  • He is the best business coach in India to learn the art of high-ticket coaching and sales. 


Read the true testimonials of people who have benefited from his program including Santosh Gare, Anju Choudhary, Fatha Khan, Sugeeta Madan and many others.

The Complete Truth on Dev Gadhvi Allegations

Dev Gadhvi

Dev Gadhvi



 What Can You Learn From the Dev Gadhvi Mentorship Program?

Passionpreneur Mastermind is a one-stop mentorship program which covers various aspects from finding your passion, building social media presence, becoming an author, creating one’s own product portfolio, running webinars, closing clients and much more. It gives you a complete blueprint for starting a business from your passion. 

The Passionpreneur’s logic is simple – 

“Even if you are successful, you need to achieve internal happiness which can be done by making a profession around your passion.

I completely agree with this as would any entrepreneur who has achieved success in his own field.

More Insights From Dev Gadhvi In His Webinars

 How to Find Your Passion 

  • Ask yourself deep questions. You get to know your passion when you gain deep insights about ‘who you are’
  • We do not choose our passion but our purpose. Passionate purpose chooses us
  • The first and foremost question to be asked is “What problem can I help solve for others”?

 How to Convert Our Passion Into Business?

  • If you have found your passion, find a process
  • Know how you are different from all the people who are in your niche.
  • Know how to get known and be visible.
  • Find a way to build multiple product portfolios, starting from free, to low ticket, to mid ticket, to high ticket or premium.
  • Know how to sell the product and close the deal.
  • Learn to automate by building funnels, processes, and scaling.

 Dev Gadhvi’s Key Takeaways

  • Serve others and serve selflessly. When you give selflessly, you get back tremendously.
  • You start a business by serving others. When you start serving people, you start loving it and that will become your passion and purpose. You will become unstoppable.

These are Excerpts From His Podcast on FireNation. 

 Best Business Coach in India

If you are inspired to start your own business but do not know how to go about it, then Dev Gadhvi – India’s best business coach can help you start a side business around your passion. His business coaching program is also useful for people with no experience in business or for people who want to learn the art of sales and online marketing. 

He also offers multiple business coaching programs, with prices ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 10L, catering to both experienced business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. These programs cover various aspects, from strategies to accelerate business growth to personal mentorship sessions with Dev Gadhvi himself. 

If you’re looking for a business coach who can help you unlock your full potential, look no further than Dev Gadhvi. Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can achieve greatness with Dev’s guidance and support.