Google and Apple notify exposure to coronavirus

Google and Apple set out coronavirus app to notify exposure to coronavirus. 

Last Wednesday, Apple along with Google let out coronavirus app in order to notify people if they might have an encounter with the coronavirus. This coronavirus app works with Bluetooth technology. On downloading the app and spending time with another person that’s also using the application, which later tests positive for the virus, it detects exposure and notifies people about it.

Both companies have claimed the use of their software. Around 22 countries and a few U.S. states are already in plans to release voluntary phone apps as per them. Though many governments have already tried to launch their phone apps to notify people, the attempts did not succeed. Well, this is due to technical glitches such apps faced on Apple and Android phones.

The other apps used GPS technology to track people’s locations. However, Apple and Google are relying on Bluetooth technology for privacy concerns. This tech coronavirus app is getting mixed reactions. Many public health agencies in Germany and South Carolina are waiting for such technology. Moreover, some governments have criticized it pointing to the privacy restrictions imposed by this technology.

It will be an obstacle as public health workers would not be able to access their data. But the companies laid stress on the fact that their automatic exposure notification may slow down the spread of COVID-19 due to people who aren’t showing any symptoms. Not interfering with the privacy of the users, their identity will be protected by encryption.
Though the app faced criticism from many governments, it has got a green signal from state officials in North Dakota, Alabama, and South Carolina. Their official statements requested other governments to use technology to weaken the pandemic effects.

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