Google Nest Hub Max interface for Retirees

Google nest hub

Google Nest hub

With this pandemic taking over the world drastically, Google has collaborated with Mount Sinai Hospital to test Google Nest hub Cameras. The cameras can track symptoms and keep a tab on the vitals. It can also accommodate two-way communications between the patients and doctors comfortably. Google is now focusing on showcasing that the positive effects of google nest hub max, helping the retirees to cope up with the COVID-19 lockdown.

Google has been testing the user-interface that can make it easier for you to track the senior citizen health through your smartphone. The company is launching the pilot batch by handing it out to the users across the Merrill Gardens in Washington State.
Google has launched new updates that include what more you can do with the google Nest Hub Max. You can also add shortcuts like weather reports, alarms, videos, music, etc. The recipients who are testing the UI have preloaded contacts and video-calling options. Video calls are put into the primary use as it best services the COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing norms.

Molly McHugh-Johnson, who is a part of Google, has stated that it’s crucial to take care of senior citizens. You must take care of their mental, physical, and emotional health by staying connected with them. The social isolation might have hit hard on them, and staying in quarantine becomes difficult. She further added that she is doing her bit by engaging with her grandma through video calls. This is what is keeping her together while they are apart from each other.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lives and economies across the world are taking a significant hit. It’s essential for older adults who are above the age of 65 to take precautions and practice social distancing.

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