How AI Take Over Content Writer Jobs

Are you working as a content writer? Alarm! Your job may be in danger! Will AI take over content writer jobs? With the Industrial revolution, jobs ad job patter has been changed. AI is threatening many jobs in today’s era. Everything from self-driving cars to advance medical care, AI has been replacing human beings in some ways. May not be all, but a few of course! Scroll down to know more!

Let’s talk about self-driving, automated cars. Automated cars and vehicles have already on the roads now in some parts of the world. So where the need for drivers left? Yes, there will be one person who may be on the bus for the supervision of everything but no separate driver is needed. Though driverless cars are not everywhere around the world but in a few parts. In the near future, we may expect the same overseas and thus the jobs of drivers may be in danger.

Will AI replace human content writers

Will AI Take Over Content Writer Jobs? Everything you need to know

Writing anything on the future of AI is like narrating a story that is factually based only. According to today’s environment, we can only assume a few things that may or may not happen in the future. No one has any idea where will AI and ML stop. No one can predict, just hypothesis. And same is the case with content writer jobs. The question is new and horrifying people thinking about “will AI take over Content Writer Jobs”?

The viewpoint behind Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning are to increase productivity, Reduce calamities and lessen human stress. we believe that “AI complements humans in work not compete“. If today you are working as a content writer, the in near future you have to upgrade your skills so that you will work as a master to give instruction to AI writer bots.

Power of AI Robot writers: Real Examples

A very simple and everyday example of AI-powered tool is “Grammarly“. Isn’t it? Typing hundred of wrong words in a day but still doing a great job. Why so? Because of Grammarly, an AI Tool. Here AI is complimenting us!

1) The AI-driven robot writers have already started working on data-driven journalism, like stock prices, quarterly earnings, sports, games outcomes, and Olympic medal awards, etc.

2) “Heliograf bot“, an intelligent automated storytelling agent in Washington, created 850 articles in 2017.

3) “Quill AI” is another robot that can collect data on thousands of games thus producing thousands of articles promptly, replacing professional sportswriters.

4) Another Example is Wordsmith, used by “The Associated Press”. This robot has 12 times greater capacity than human beings. It is a type of NLP(Natural Language Processing) device that uses machine learning to transform raw data into thousands of publishable stories.

Applause work by Robo Writers

1) People weren’t able to find out whether news reports written by journalists and those generated by Robo-writers, a study by Karlstad University in Sweden.

2) An AI writer wrote a novel in Japan, and it passed the first round of screening for the “Hoshi Shinichi Literary Award in 2016”. Wow! This shows what AI-powered robots can do! Nail it!

Cons of AI Robot Writers

Though we have already moved towards automation, in each and everything some things still need a manual touch to make it better.

1) Imagine how robots walk, Rigid and straight. Right? So what can you expect in your writing? Very straightforward!

2) Robots have thousands of words and these robots arrange those words in a proper manner to build an article. The article created by robots is too much alike because they work o the same pattern and behavior. While humans feel different emotions at different times and thus exhibit a great result.

See how Microsoft AI Replace jobs

Final Verdict

Artificial Intelligence though evolving but a lot of manual work is still required. AI will replace writers in the near future but not completely. So rather than worrying about your job, it’s better to upgrade your skills up to a level. Readers, its will a long time when Machine Learning robots and devices will do writing work. Until then people will still reach you. Human writers are still required to create templates for automates Robots.

Will AI Take Over Content Writer Jobs? Yes, No or Maybe! Partially not fully are all the answers you will find here. But you must get an idea of the Power of AI Robot writers.

I hope you would like the article. Thank you for reading!