How to Edit Photos Like Instagram Models with 2 Amazing Apps

Your Instagram models’ hair look polished, their laces perfectly blended in, their makeup and skin tone look perfect, jewelry is shining but how is it they look stunning in all photos? How can they maintain their beauty all day long? The answer is simple, they retouch their pictures with apps before uploading them on Instagram. 

You can also quickly turn a good image into an amazing one with these two apps. I use Face Tune 2 and Face App for editing my pictures like models. I will show you how I do it. 

So, without further ado, start reading to learn how to edit photos like Instagram models.

How to Edit Photos Like Instagram Models with Face Tune 2 & Face App

With these two apps, not only can you enhance your beauty but also add extra details to the picture. Continue reading.

Face Tune 2

Select the image from the gallery, Zoom in to see the picture clearly, and select retouch from the below options.

  • Retouch Stray Hair: If there is stray hair on the forehead. Select “heal” and start moving the marker along the hairline. You will see the stray hair is disappearing little by little. Go to all sides and retouch the area. Zoom out to see if you have edited the right spots correctly.
  • Smoothen Your Skin: Choose the “Smooth” option. It will help you soften your skin and make your skin tone even in all places. There are two options, one drop and two drops. Use “One Drop” to smooth your skin realistically. At first glance, it may look like the marker is not working however, it works. Do not use two drops. The image will look too retouched and make you appear like a cartoon. After smoothening, zoom out to see the results.
  • Edit Eyebrows, Lips, Nose: Click on the face features, and many options like lips, eyes, eyebrows, lips, etc will pop up. In this section, you can change your facial features such as thickening your lips to make them more plump or making your eyebrows darker. Any changes you make, ensure it looks realistic. Zoom out to see the final look. If the model photo retouching looks perfect, let’s go to the next section.
  • Retouch Your Jewelry: The accessories may look dull from the lighting. However, with this app, you can also retouch your jewelry and make them glow. Select “Retouch” and move the marker over the watch, bracelet, earrings, rings, etc. Zoom out to see if your jewelry is shining like they are in real life.

There are also other features in the Face Tune 2 App. Experiment with those to see how they work. If they enhance the image quality, use those. After retouching to your heart’s content, zoom out to see how the final product looks. Upload your flawless photos on Instagram and increase followers like crazy.   

Face App

Another App that I use regularly to retouch my pictures is “Face App”. This app ensures the images look perfect from all angles. Choose the image from the gallery and start editing.

  • Hairstyle: This option can add shininess to your hair. There are different hairstyles like wavy, long, straight, etc. If you have styled your hair straight, choose that because if you choose a different one, it may look unrealistic.
  • Skin: There are skin editing options like tan, smooth, freckles, original, etc. Upon selecting an option, numbers from 1-5 will pop up. Choose from 1-3 to get a realistic effect. If you choose 5, it will change your features completely. Select a number that will help you match your face with the shoulder. Experiment with the numbers to see which suits your skin the best.
  • Makeup: There are makeup options like makeup 3, makeup 4, contouring, blush, eyebrows, etc to enhance your beauty. Choose the option that highlights your makeup. I like to use the eyebrows option because it darkens the eyebrows and also highlights my makeup. Try different makeup and select the one that fits your facial features the most. Click “Apply” to go to the next feature.
  • Impression: Select “impression” from the below section. The fun fact about this option is that even if you do not put on makeup, it will polish your face a little. However, to get a soft makeup look, I highly recommend taking images with makeup done. There are 1-4 options and choose 1 or 2 to get a realistic look. Do not choose 4 because it will make you look like a doll/unrealistic person.   

Note: You can also try this feature before trying the makeup option.

  • Background: Usually, we do not need to remove the background as we take images in settings. However, if you do not like the setting or have a busy background, you can change the background from different options like kitchen, fireworks, workplace, terrace, etc. There are more background options in the Face App, check those out to apply to your picture.
  • Reshape: You can also reshape your face or body in this app such as sharpening your Jawline, etc.

After you are done retouching, zoom out to see the image and if everything looks good, click on the save button. There are also other features you can add to enhance your image such as glasses, face swap, beards, filters, etc. Experiment with all those and edit your image flawlessly.

Some App Suggestions to Edit Your Picture like Instagram models

  1. VSCO: It is also a good app for photo editing. You can sharpen the image, retouch the background, adjust saturation, and change the temperature to a warm or cool tone. There are also other features you can experiment with to elevate your image quality. 
  2. Lightroom: It is a free app for phones. With this app, you can adjust colors, remove backgrounds, and adjust saturation, hue, luminance, etc.  
  3. Hootsuite Photo Editor: In this app, you can resize your pictures according to Instagram format, schedule posts, and plan content calendars. At the same time, edit saturation, filters, and other features. 
  4. Plann: It is a feed plan app however, you can also edit images to provide a vintage look.  
  5. Spring: This app can help you appear taller. If the image is taken from a bad angle which is making you look shorter, use this app to correct the height.
  6. Skylab: If you want to add a sky in the image, use this app. Other than that I do not recommend this app for beautifying pictures.


You may think your favorite Instagram models are perfect, however, they also elevate their pictures with different apps. So, try these apps to edit your picture and get the same effect. Hopefully, my editing technique was helpful. Now, go ahead and upload a perfect picture on Instagram.