Looking for the right Tech to move your business forward

Finding and using the right technology in your business is something that can either make or break the business. Organizations today use around 75 different tech tools in the running of their businesses so it seems they are seeing the benefit in terms of helping in the growth of their businesses.  Perhaps they are even becoming a little carried away in their enthusiasm to adopt it, expecting to win an Intertops poker bonus on the way, perhaps!

It is definitely worth looking into the options available to see how they might impact your business in a good way. Below are some of the ways in which technology can be beneficial.

Boosting productivity

Automation is one of the primary ways in which businesses are able to grow. Automation can take care of some of the more tedious but essential tasks needed; those that don’t require too much input from your employees.  This means that your team has more time to deal with higher level jobs and activities.  Another plus is that automation reduces the errors often made by humans when involved in mundane, repetitive tasks.

There have been many studies carried out that show that by employing automation tools for marketing increases sales productivity by around 14.5 percent. At the same time, overheads are reduced by 12.2 percent.   By marketing this software, professionals in the marketing field are better able to identify qualified leads and therefore to enhance the nurturing process.

Automation is also good for a variety of other tasks that are not involved with direct customer interactions.  For example, invoice processing, or synchronizing calendars or for scheduling business meetings.  There are many tasks that automation tools can take care of, freeing up your team’s time and thereby increasing productivity.

Darryl Seland from Quality Magazine says “This leads to not simply the removal of workers from the equation, as has been wrongly suggested in the past, but to aid workers by passing off the ‘tedious’ aspects of their work to technology, leaving them in a place to concentrate on more important tasks.”  He goes onto say that “It is far removed from the notion of pressing a button and letting the machines to all the work, although the advancement in technology can make it seem that way.”

Enhancing customer service

Creating good brand interactions with customers will determine future loyalty.  Microsoft did some research and found that 69 percent of consumers placed customer service at the top of their list in terms of brand loyalty.

It is explained in the following post published in Envision Consulting: “It’s becoming more and more common for businesses to have online chat functions on their websites, allowing potential customers to speak with a representative directly.  The interactive nature of online chat can help customers to get their questions of or concerns resolved much more quickly.”

Using the correct tech can also make the customer experience more personal and therefore they will be more inclined to purchase something.  Using Tracking to see user interactions on your site gives you a clearer picture as to what the customer is looking to buy. In this way you are able to create social media or email campaigns which more accurately represent user’s specific interests.

More and improved data equals improved decision making

If the information you use in your decision- making process is faulty or incomplete you are likely to take your company in the wrong direction.  Technology can help in this area by gathering and combining lots of data as well as providing analytical insights.  This can greatly assist you and your company when making critical decisions.

This was confirmed in a survey carried out by PwC of more than one thousand executives.  It found that companies were three times more likely to experience huge improvements in their decision- making process if they were “highly data-driven” as opposed to those companies that were less data driven.

Checking out the research that has been done and, basing your decisions for change on that will give you the confidence to know that you are making the right choices.

Tech tools that gather and analyze information will help to probe the information silos.  This will provide you and your team with a more complete picture and at the same time encourage more participation and cooperation across departments.   Having the ability to access and share information more freely will ultimately help the team to work more productively and ensures that a better customer service will be provided.

It seems that inconsistent product information is the number one reason why consumers will stop using a particular brand. This was the result of a recent poll carried out by Propel Software of 2000 American adults.

Finding and incorporating the correct combination of tech tools can really help to streamline the way a company operates. Even tasks that appear not to directly affect your bottom line can actually boost growth, increasing your productivity and providing a better service for your customers.

By analyzing your needs and all the different options available, you will be able to choose the right tools for your specific needs that will help to move your business further along its path and reach higher levels of growth.