Payoneer To Paypal money transfer guide (updated)

Transfer money from Payoneer to PayPal?

If yes, you are lucky to land here, buddy! Today I am here to discuss how you can Transfer Money From Payoneer To Paypal without any hassle. In the world of internet and technology, transferring money from one account to another isn’t a big thing. Online shopping and E-commerce has made our lives so easy that we are now addicted to this. You may need to transfer money for any purpose like paying fees, paying salary, purchasing something from someone, etc. Scroll down to know more.

Payoneer gives a handy solution to the concern by allowing companies to pay many employees across boundaries, proficiently and securely right to their Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard(R) credit cards, which bypasses the delays and heavy overcharges of more traditional methods. Payoneer is started as a start-up from Israeli source in 2005. The headquarters of the firm is situated now in NewYork. Payoneer is backed by private and capital raising investors including Greylock Partners, Carmel Ventures, and Crossbar Capital and it is a registered MSP with MasterCard.

It is important to note that only US PayPal account can be linked or verified with Payoneer account. Hence, If you aren’t using US PayPal account, no need linking Payoneer bank with any other countries PayPal account because it won’t work

Transfer money from Payoneer to Paypal

Transfer Money From Payoneer To Paypal

There are different methods to send money from Payoneer to PayPal account:

Method 1: Linking from Payoneer.

Login to your Payoneer account and navigate to Receive tab and click on on Global Payment Services As show in below image.

payoneer to paypal


After clicking on Global Payment services you’ll be redirected to the page where you have to select currencies banks so you need USA Bank so just select USD option and it will show you 1st century bank as your USD bank as show in the below image.



Now Paypal will not going to allow you to connect with First Century Bank so don’t worry. You need to contact Payoneer support and ask them to create Community Federal Savings Bank account for your account and they will do this for you in 2-3 business days.

Once you have this, go to your Paypal account and navigate to Add bank accounts and click on add bank as show in below image.

add bank account in paypal

Once you click on the add bank a list will open where you have to choose banks, but since you’re not using any physical bank so you need to select I have a different bank as show in the below image.

choose banks in paypal

After clicking on the option a page will open to enter your bank details. Now you have to enter all the bank details provided by your Payoneer account and then click on Agree & Link button.

Now your Payoneer account to linked to Paypal account.

payoneer to paypal

If you get any error while adding bank, contact Paypal support and let them know that you’re unable to add bank account in Paypal. They might ask you the reason so tell them it’s for business purpose and they will allow you to add bank account.

As you account is linked, it’s time to confirm the bank account you just link from Payoneer to Paypal.

confirm Payoneer to paypal

When you click on confirm they will send you 2 small amount to your First  century bank. You need to check those amount and enter those amount to complete the confirmation process.

confirm deposit in Payoneer to paypal

Once confirm you’re ready to use your account.

Method 2: With two PayPal accounts

Yes, the transfer of money is possible but not in the same PayPal account. Sound Funny? but helpful!  The PayPal accounts can be either both under your name or one belonging to you and the other to a relative or friend. First, affiliate your Payoneer MasterCard with PayPal account.

#1, which must be under your name. Then, simply send money to PayPal account.

#2. If your balance is insufficient, the funds will be drawn to your Payoneer MasterCard, and arrive at PayPal account for storage.

I would not recommend it, as the fees associated may be significant.

Method 3: Using bank account Service

Direct Transfer of money from Payoneer to Paypal is not possible. You may have to indulge in the local bank account.

  1. From Payoneer to PayPal: You need to use a credit card to put some money in your account, you can use the debit/credit card from Payoneer
  2. From PayPal to Payoneer: You use the bank account service, it’s 1% fee, you can spend the money with the card for zero fees, withdraw with your card for 3$ fees + generally 3$ from your bank (4$ in the USA) and you can also withdraw on your bank account for 1%.

Method 4: Through an agent

Yes, you can transfer the amount between Payoneer and PayPal accounts but you can’t transfer money from Payoneer to PayPal directly. Maybe through an agent, you can transfer. Search on google, you will find many. If you trust them you may go ahead. Otherwise, the next option is the best.  Just placing an order of PayPal wallet top up and paying with Payoneer, also you can choose the domestic currency you want to pay, then you can transfer money successfully.

Method 5: With Payoneer Master card

This is the only liable way to send money from Payoneer to PayPal. You can transfer Payoneer to PayPal with Payoneer master card and Payoneer Global payment service. and the most important you need a fund receivable PayPal account that is US Paypal account.



Final Words…

Well, friends, these are some well-searched hidden methods to transfer money from Payoneer to PayPal accounts. If you would go for my opinion, I would say there is no direct method that is working 100% and securely too. It is a matter of money, deal carefully. Agents may or may not be trustworthy. So, avoid if possible!

I hope the article will be beneficial for you. Share your feedback.

Thank you!!